December 5, 2010

I got 5 on it

Stripper 7a by Cap'n Monky

I don't wear high heels. The highest heel I have is a 1.5-inch chunky heel that I've only worn in public once. They stashed in a closet somewhere, but I probably will wear them once more.You will more likely find me wearing a pair of Sketchers workman's shoes or flats then to see me wearing dress shoes, let alone heels.

So why would I challenge myself to wear 5-inch heels (No. 9)? Part of the appeal is that it's not practical to wear these. The only people I see in these are exotic dancers, entertainers and Elton John:
Elton John's shoes as seen at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto
Then I saw Celine's hunt for "stripper shoes" -- the category 5-inch heels fall into. And while there are some crazy ones out there, there are also some pretty ones I would like to have for myself. I found a local store where I tried on three different varieties, and I fell in love with two of them. Unfortunately, the style I wanted were not in stock, so I had to order them online.

I hope they arrive before my vacation in mid-December so that I can try them out before debuting them.

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