December 21, 2010

26. Buy a round of drinks -- DONE

I've had a lack of updates because I can now cross one more goal on my list: buying a round of drinks. I'm not a drinker. I have probably consumed seven alcoholic drinks this year, and that's a lot for me. Between age 21 and 27, I had only 10. On top of that, I don't buy alcohol or spend much on it. I've been lucky that I get some of my drinks for free because I know someone at the bar or someone buys me one because they know I could use it. But that's not the point of this entry.

Meet Ryann. She is one of my former co-workers who went on to graduate school. In the back is Kristen, one of my current co-workers. I had picked up some take-out earlier in the evening only for the restaurant to give me the wrong food. As I went to tweet my frustration, I saw that Ryann was in town and headed to one of the two bars the work crew visits. This was the perfect chance to get No. 26 done, pick up dinner and hang out with friends.

Lucky for my wallet, there were only three people I knew there, so only three drinks I had to purchase. So for $30, including the tip, I got a burger with fries and my usual skinny Cuba Libre (is there really such a thing?) and three beers for my friends.

Ryann was in town for winter break and recovering from a broken leg due to being hit by a car. The guys gravitated to the crutches while everyone else chatted. Good times were had for the short time I was there.

I think that if the full crew was there that night, I would have spent $100 on the alcohol alone. I was slightly disappointed, but the charge card was not.

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