December 2, 2010

Crossing off other people's lists

My former motivation board in my old house
When I was coming up with this list, I did some Googling and found so many gave me ideas of what to add to mine. At first, I wanted to do a 35 before 35 list, but I'm too impatient for that. At the same time, when I prepared that list, I had some very lofty ideas that would be impossible to reach (visit Paris, attend the Sundance Film Festival, learn how to knit) and I was afraid that if there would be a bunch I'd never reach that I had failed somehow. I figured a mix of the complicated and the basic would give me motivation to achieve goals outside the list (health-wise, work-wise, etc.)

And then I looked at other lists. At times, I was amazed at the depth of the tasks and thinking I wish I had as much money and time as these people have to do work on their lists. However, there was also a sense of accomplishment for me when I saw items that people were trying to achieve for the first time that I've already done:
  1. Buy a new car: At age 23 with the car I have now.
  2. Write articles for a large publication: I'm a journalist, so that's a bit unfair.
  3. Ride a horse: I did take pony rides as a kid.
  4. Try a hot yoga class: Did it once, but it was the music that bothered me, not the heat.
  5. Lose 50 pounds: Did that last year and I'm trying my best to keep it off.
  6. Learn to belly dance: I've been dancing for two years.
  7. Go out to dinner alone: This is a frequent occurrence.
  8. Sing karaoke: Give me a song by Blondie, and I'll sing the heck out of it.
  9. Stage a performance: I've done two post-academic performances.
  10. Meet your favorite Hollywood star: Going to film festivals has given me the chance to meet great people, my favorites and my new favorites.
  11. Sell something you have created: I have sold four digital media works and jewelry creations.
  12. Eat Ethiopian food: While visiting a friend in D.C.
  13. Quit a job you hate: My first job as a telemarketer, lasted four months.
  14. Attend the midnight screening of a blockbuster movie on the day it opens: The first Harry Potter movie on my 21st birthday.
  15. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch: It took forever, but I did make a Cooking Light version of pumpkin cinnamon rolls.
  16. Go to a major sporting event: I've been to a NIT semifinal game and I have been to the Masters (working at the concessions stand, but I was there).

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