November 24, 2010

Finding lotus

I have limited flexibility in my hips. For two years, I have practiced yoga, Pilates and regular stretching to solve this problem. Having tight hips can affect your posture and develop pain in the lower back and knees. These are common side effects that I have and I hope to alleviate them, too.

That's the purpose of No. 27: Execute lotus poses. The photo above is an illustration of this yoga pose. It's commonly associated with meditation (No. 29) and it's best done with open hips. Usually I have to sit cross-legged whenever I try to get into this pose, and sit on several blankets and cushions in order for my knees to be aligned with my hips. What's keeping me from doing this is my right hip. My right knee is about 1 foot above the ground when I sit down, which is not good. The left knee is about 8 inches off the ground.

For now I have invested in a foam roller and will probably have to schedule a few physical therapy sessions in order to open up the hips.

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